Top 25 Christmas Gifts Under $25!

best christmas gifts 2014

Top 10 Hottest Gadgets 2014

top 10 best electronics

1. Virtual Keyboard

best christmas gifts 2014 men

This virtual keyboard is a bestselling item so you need to hurry before it sells out as it always does. This laser projection keyboard allows you to type on flat surfaces which is why this is one of the most unique Christmas gifts 2014 for men who love their gadgets and the more innovative the better! Because this virtual keyboard is Bluetooth enabled, the laser projection keyboard pairs quickly and easily with tablets, smartphones as well as most laptops allowing you to type with virtually any device.

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best christmas gifts 2014

2. Bluetooth Talking Gloves

best christmas gifts 2014

One of the best Christmas gifts 2014 are these cool gloves that allow you to take a phone call without taking off your gloves! Will definitely be necessary during the coming winter months. These rechargeable Bluetooth Unisex Gloves conceal a speaker in the left thumb as well as a microphone in the left pinky making you look so technologically advanced when you answer your phone.

All you need to do is make the “call me” hand gesture, and you will be all set to chat for up to 12 hours on a full charge. Capacitive technology lets you control your device’s touchscreen through the thumbs and index fingers. These gloves are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones as well as all iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys making this one of the hottest gadgets for 2014 that will make a great Christmas present. Comes with a matching right glove.

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best christmas gifts 2014

3. Apple iPad Air 16GB with Wi-Fi Space Black/Gray

 hottest christmas gifts 2014


Still one of the hottest Christmas gifts 2014 is the iPad Air that everyone wants and is on their Christmas wish list if they do not already have it which is why it is a bestselling item everywhere.

Amongst the iPad Air’s features are that it is iPad Air is 20 percent thinner as well as being lighter (weighing in at about 1 pound) which means that it will feel unbelievably light in your hand.

It also features a 9.7″ Retina display, the A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, ultrafast wireless, powerful apps (as well as over 475,ooo apps available in the App Store simply a tap away), as well as including up to 10 hours of battery life.

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best christmas gifts 2014

 The iPad Air 2 is new for 2014. To order this tablet, click here.


4. Luxury Car Wireless Mouse

hot christmas gifts 2014Looking for the perfect gift for the car enthusiast? This luxury car wireless mouse is what you are looking for and comes in other makes and models besides the Range Rover shown above such as Audi, Aston Martin, Mini Cooper, Maserati, BMW, and Mercedes.  

Every make and model will show the precise attention to detail with includes the LED headlights and tail lights making this one of the hottest Christmas gifts 2014. The wireless technology included allows for a range of up to 32 feet, which makes it great for presentations.

best christmas gifts 2014

5. Leather Touch Screen Gloves – Women

best gadgets for christmas 2014

Another of the best gadgets for Christmas 2014 are these leather touchscreen gloves. No need to take off your gloves to use your touchscreen phone.

These feature Nano technology which enable them to mimic the touch of a human hand with precision touch control in order to operate personal devices while staying warm and dry which makes these anther of the top Christmas gifts 2014.  These leather gloves are also thinsulate lined for warmth even in extreme conditions. One of the must have Christmas gifts for 2014!

Also comes in a version for men.

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best christmas gifts 2014

6. 3D Back Massager

best christmas gifts for 2014

Another of the best Christmas gifts 2014 is these back massager that allows you to take the shiatsu massage experience to any chair whether at home or at work and everywhere in between.

This 3D Back Massager implements 12 deep-kneading massagers to move up-and-down, side-to-side, and even front-to-back along the curve of your spine to help improve circulation and relieve tightness making it the perfect way to unwind after a long and stressful day. It fits in any chair and comes with 2 built in handles.

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best christmas gifts 2014

7. Camera & Video Pens

top christmas gifts 2014This is the perfect gift for the techie on your Christmas list or someone who fancies themselves a spy. This ballpoint pen captures still photos, voice recordings as well as video making it one of the top gadgets to give this Christmas.

It features probably the world’s tiniest built in camera which allows this spy pen to be used to take still pictures,digitally record video as well as sound in 2G or 4G internal memory! 

The data can then be transferred using USB 2.0 to your computer. The super sensitive microphone that is included will ensure that sound within an area of 160 square feet will be recorded. Comes with a rechargeable battery and can be recharged using any USB port or the optional charger. 

best christmas gifts 2014

8. Pringo Portable Photo Printer

top holiday gifts for 2014

This HiTi Pringo P231 Portable Photo Printer allows you to print any pictures that you take on your smartphone as well as customize the photo with any unique clip art, borders or font making it one of the best Christmas gifts 2014.

This printer uses Wi-Fi connectivity for peer-to-peer networking with your devices.

A free smartphone application is available for iOS and Android in order to make the wireless connection. The application also features basic photo editing, effects, as well as borders for enhancing your images before sending them to print. For more on the features of this printer, click below.

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best christmas gifts 2014

9. Breathometer™—The Smart Breathalyzer

top christmas gifts for 2014

There is nothing wrong with having a little fun, even too much fun but this Breathometer gives you and your friends and family the ability to make smarter decisions. It features superior accuracy and is small enough to fit in a purse, keychain or pocket.

It plugs into your smartphones headphone jack and begins operating as soon as you launch the Breathometer app. It will let you know how long it will take until you are sober and helpfully provides a listing of local cab companies to help you get to where you need to be without driving drunk.

The results will appear on your smartphones screen as soon as you blow into the illuminated opening. Definitely a thoughtful gift.

best christmas gifts 2014


10. 3Doodler—The World’s First 3D Drawing Pen

best christmas presents for 2014

This 3D pen is simply amazing! It is the world’s first pen that allows you to draw in 3D, so you can create amazing objects and models from the ground up. You can make the Eiffel Tower, a skyscraper, or anything else you can imagine using this pen. This will be a fun present for anyone on your Christmas list. For more on the features, click below.

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best christmas gifts 2014

Top 10 Coolest Christmas Gifts 2014

coolest christmas gifts 2014

1. Vortex LED Desk Lamp with Built-In Filterless Samsung SPi Air Purifier


best christmas gifts 2014


  This will make a truly unique Christmas for any anyone in your life and is perfect for offices or home offices. This is the best way to give yourself a better work environment. The Vortex LED Lamp with built-in Air Cleaner provides you with bright LED lighting while also purifying the air around you making this one of the coolest Christmas gifts for 2014.

It uses advanced Samsung SPi technology, so that you can now read, type as well as work while breathing in fresh air that’s free of dust-mites, allergens and other nasty bacteria. Covers up to 175 square feet.

This LED lamp has three lighting modes (reading, relaxing, bedtime) and lasts up to 50,000 hours which will end up saving you on maintenance costs!

best christmas gifts 2014


2. Picnic Time Football 19.6″ Portable Grill

coolest christmas gifts 2014

This portable grill is one of the coolest Christmas gifts for 2014 because it is shaped like a football. It is a charcoal barbecue grill that gets the job done while looking awesome!

It features enamel coating and comes complete with two long side handles at the base and a tall handle on the lid. It also features an adjustable vent so that you will be able to control air flow. The perfect portable grill for tailgating, beach barbecues, as well as camping in addition to being a great conversation piece.

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best christmas gifts 2014


3. Christmas Footed Pajamas For The Family

best christmas gifts 2014

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Footed Pajamas for Women

best christmas gifts 2014

Big Feet PJs Red Knit Footed Pajamas for Women and Men
















hottest christmas gifts 2014

Big Feet PJs Red Footed Pajamas for Kids


Now everyone in the family can look cool in these footed pajamas and be quite warm come Christmas morning. These are some of the most popular footed pajamas and putting on these soft, cotton knit pajamas will make you feel like you are wearing a favorite t-shirt.

best christmas gifts 2014

4. Foosball Coffee Table

coolest christmas gifts for 2014

This is a coffee table that will be loved and a great conversational piece and perfect as one of the coolest and most unique Christmas gifts for 2014 for a father, boyfriend, brother, son, etc.  It will be a fun piece of living room furniture that he will ever own. This is made with solid hardwoods and features a  real, working foosball game under the glass to keep him entertained any time he wants. Also comes with telescoping rods, adjustable leg levelers as well as hand-painted foosball players and is definitely one of the hottest Christmas gifts 2014.

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best christmas gifts 2014


5. Towel Warmer

best christmas gifts 2014

Another of the best Christmas gifts 2014 is this towel warmer. With the colder months soon upon us this will make an especially great gift although it can be used any time of the year because it will be so hard to go back to unwarmed towels after using this.

There is nothing quite like the experiencing the luxury of warmed towels, blankets and even clothes with this completely safe and portable 20-minute Towel Warmer. Works anywhere there is an AC outlet. Warming indicator lights will tell you when the Towel Warmer is ready, and also when warming mode is complete. Definitely makes a unique Christmas present.

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best christmas gifts 2014

6. Coca-Cola Vending Fridge

hottest christmas gifts for 2014

This Coca-Cola Vending Fridge is a fun and decorative beverage cooler that that will be perfect for him this Christmas. It is a reminder of yesteryear and dispenses cans at the push of a button. It accommodates 10 cans of Coca-Cola, or any 12-oz. beverage can. Thanks to the thermoelectric cooling it will keep the fridge at 32 degrees below ambient temperature. Retro-styled vending fridge features classic logo and tall window display making it one of the hottest Christmas gifts 2014 for him. Plugs into an AC outlet.

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best christmas gifts 2014

7. Ostrich Pillow Light

cool christmas gifts 2014

This will be perfect for the traveler and much better than the traditional pillow. The ostrich pillow can be worn as an adjustable neck support using the smart, elastic drawstring or it can be worn as an oversized sleep-mask, creating a peaceful micro-environment just for you making it one of the best Christmas gifts 2014. Unlike a traditional appearance, it has a sleek and stylish appearance while being an incredibly comfortable travel pillow that offers the ultimate napping solution for commuters and frequent flyers.

This pillow is filled with silicon covered micro-beads which promote sound reduction while remaining super light-weight. In addition, the adjustable elastic drawstring allows nappers of different sizes to use it comfortably, and the carefully sourced fabric is also extremely soft, making it easy and very comfortable to drift away anywhere.

best christmas gifts 2014

8. Perfect Bake App-Controlled Smart Baking

coolest christmas gifts 2014

Bake by weight for perfect results every time! Features hundreds of recipes, or you can create and save your own. The pantry feature also gives you lists of delicious recipes from the items you have on hand

With Perfect Bake, there is no more need for measuring cups! Simply pick from hundreds of baker-tested recipes and follow real-time instructions for adding ingredients, mixing and baking. The virtual bowl fills up on screen as you add ingredients and even adjusts the recipe if you overpour. A perfect gift for anyone whether they want to improve their baking or not.

Includes scale, phone/tablet stand, 3 mixing bowls (small, medium and large), oven thermometer and 3.5mm cable

best christmas gifts 2014

9. Das Horn Drinking Vessel

best christmas presents for 2014holiday presents 2014


What a cool drinking “cup” that will feel like you are drinking out of an elephants tusk. Definitely conversational piece that will make a unique Christmas gift for 2014. It is manufactured from BPA-free plastic with a stainless steel rim and holds up to 24 oz. (709ml) of a favorite cold beverage. Comes with a convenient neck carrying strap as well as a stand (not shown).

best christmas gifts 2014

10. IfOnly Unique Experiences

unique christmas gifts 2014

For the person on your Christmas list who has everything or is hard to shop for, gifting them with an IfOnly experience will be greatly cherished. The various experiences include but are not limited to;

  • if only you could team up with your favorite all-star
  • if only you could team up with your favorite olympian
  • if only you could meet a Bollywood legend
  • if only you could play tennis, golf, etc, with a legend
  • if only you could give the foodie in your life an experience they will never forget
  • if only you could share the spotlight with your favorite musician
  • if only you could have extraordinary experiences in food and wine
  • if only you could have extraordinary experiences in film
  • if only you could have an exclusive poker experience with poker legends
  • and so on and so forth

To find out more about how you can give an extraordinary experience to someone on your Christmas list, click below.

best christmas gifts 2014

Ways You Can Give Back This Christmas Season

best christmas gifts 2014Christmas is about getting to spend time with your closest family and friends and for many people it is also about giving and receiving some of the best Christmas gifts. But this time is also a great time to give back to those that are less fortunate than you and we all have reason to be grateful for all that we have no matter how the year turned out. The perfect way to show gratitude is to give to those who may have less than you. Here are 4 ways that you can give back to the community during the holiday season.

4 Way To Give Back This Christmas

1. Soup Kitchen Help

While most people think of giving back as donating money, gifts and various other goods, the gift of time is also a very important way of giving back to the community. There are lots of churches and charitable organizations that usually open their doors on Christmas day in order to ensure that people that are less fortunate can also get a hot Christmas meal.

These places are always looking for an extra pair of hands which is a great way for you to volunteer your services to help out in the kitchen to cook or to help serve. If you belong to your local church your minister or priest will definitely welcome your assistance during the holiday season. This can also be a great family activity during the holidays for the whole family to help out at a soup kitchen before or after Christmas dinner.

2. An extra gift

The one activity that the majority of people will do is to go out and buy the best Christmas gifts to give to their friends and family. While doing this, it is important to remember that there will be lots of people who will not receive a gift this year. This is particularly hard for children who will not be receiving a gift this year.
One simple thing that you can do while shopping for the best Christmas gifts for 2014 is to add an extra gift to your shopping list and donate it to the local children’s home or hospital in your area. You could even find out if there is a specific organization in your town that will collect extra toys and presents to give to those less fortunate. It doesn’t have to cost you too much money and it could make a world of difference to a young child.

3. An extra Christmas dinner guest

While many people have family and friends visiting or to visit, there are many other people who will be spending Christmas alone. If you live in a small community where everyone knows each other you may already be aware of an individual who will be alone this Christmas. A wonderful gesture would be to open your home and your hospitality to them. This would be a great way to give back and it would be a good opportunity to find out more about the people in your area.

4. Give to charity

This may be the easiest way for some people to give back to the community this holiday season. A simple and straightforward way to give back this Christmas is to make a monetary donation to a charity of your choice. The money could make all the difference to the organization. You could choose to donate funds to a children’s charity, an animal shelter or a research facility like Cancer Research. It doesn’t matter if your donation is a large or small amount of money as these organizations are very appreciative of whatever many people choose to donate.

Besides exchanging the best Christmas gifts for 2014 and spending time with friends and family, make this Christmas also about giving back to the less fortunate this holiday season. It will not only be good for those who need a helping hand this Christmas but it will also be good for you.